bauxite chemical processing of bauxite Aluminum is made from bauxite. 。 A white to dark reddish - brown orthorhombic mineral,AlO(OH,present in bauxite.,AlO(OH),

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Bauxite, 1, : The principal ore of aluminium; a clay-like mineral, being a mixture of hydrated oxides and hydroxides., CC 、 3.0 。 Voice provided by Responsive voice.Responsive voice

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Bauxite, rock largely composed of a mixture of hydrous aluminum oxides. Bauxite is the principal ore of aluminum. Bauxites vary physically according to the origin and geologic history of their deposits: some deposits are soft, easily crushed, and structureless; some are hard, dense, and pisolitic,


Bauxite is the main source of the rare metal gallium. During the processing of bauxite to alumina in the Bayer process, gallium accumulates in the sodium hydroxide liquor. From this it can be extracted by a variety of methods. The most recent is the use of .


Bauxite Bauxite is the most important ore of aluminum which contains only 30–54% alumina, Al2O3; the rest is a mixture of silica, various iron oxides, and titanium dioxide along with trace amounts of zinc, phosphorous, nickel, vanadium etc., as indicated earlier. ...

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The most common of these compounds is Bauxite, or Aluminium Ore which contains large quantities of Aluminium Oxide. Typically this is a combination of Aluminium and Oxygen in the formula Al2O3.2H2O. There are also the impurities Fe2O3 and SiO2, amongst others, present in Bauxite, which have to be removed in the Bayer Process in the production of pure aluminium.


Bauxite is a mineral mixture of several Al sources (mostly gibbsite, boehmite) and commercially non-valuable minerals in Aluminum production. ESI-QqTOF ESI-ITMS ESI-Triple Quad-MS UHPLC and nanoLC

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bauxite crusher machine Bauxite ore in larger size will be fed into the jaw crusher evenly and gradually by vibrating feeder through a hopper for primary crushing After primary crushing the material will transferred to impact crusher by belt conveyor for secondary ...

Bauxite Webster''s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) 1. A ferruginous hydrate of alumina. It is largely used in the preparation of aluminium and alumina, and for …

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