Nigeria has been home to several indigenous pre-colonial states and kingdoms since the second millennium BC, with the Nok Civilization having been the first time the country had been unified internally in the 15th Century B.C. The modern state originated with British colonialization in the 19th century, taking its present territorial shape with the merging of the Southern Nigeria Protectorate ...

Sand Monitors to Nigeria

 · Sand Monitors to Nigeria The sensors will be delivered in September and will replace an existing sand monitoring system that has not been working to Shell''s expectations. ClampOn''s responsible for marketing, Tonje Dahl says that the order comes as a …

Christmas 2011 Nigeria attacks

A series of attacks occurred during Christmas Day church services in northern Nigeria on 25 December 2011. There were bomb blasts and shootings at churches in Madalla, Jos, Gadaka, and Damaturu.A total of 41 people were reported dead. Boko Haram, a Muslim sect in Nigeria…

Sandwich Makers in Nigeria for sale Prices on Jiji

Jiji More than 334 Sandwich Makers in Nigeria for sale Starting from ₦ 4,500 for Sandwich Makers in Nigeria choose and buy today! 4 slice sandwich toaster with cold touch housing, which has durable non stick coated plate for easy cleaning and no sticking ...

An Assessment of the Nigerian Poultry Sector

Opportunities & critical issues in the poultry sector In 2006, Nigeria had its first case of AI in a com-mercial farm located in Kaduna State. According to the World Organization for Animal Health, the in-cident caused 227,514 cases and 222,780 deaths from 2006

List of massacres in Nigeria

Northern Nigeria 8000-30,000 Targeted killings of Igbo people in Northern Nigeria in revenge for the coup of January 15, 1966. Asaba massacre 1967-10-07 Asaba, Delta State Up to 500 men Occurred during Biafran Civil War Ugep Massacre 1975-12-24 65>

Are Nigerian food vendors merchants of deaths? – Punch …

Due to epileptic power supply, many of the restaurants, cafeteria and bukataria operating in Nigeria are said to use all manner of preservatives whose chemical compositions may not be health friendly.

Market Research Nigeria

Market research on consumer products, commercial industries, demographics trends and consumer lifestyles in Nigeria. Includes comprehensive data and analysis, tables and charts, with five-year forecasts. Nigeria Statistics Consumer Lifestyles in Nigeria Nigeria Country Briefings Future Demographics: Nigeria in 2030

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Nigeria

Nigeria enjoys vast coastal plains in its southwest and southeast regions. Naturally, such areas constitute beaches, which make for relaxation spots and tourist attraction sites to be enjoyed by visitors. Nigeria''s beaches largely cover six of its states and we''ve ...

Top SMEs in Nigeria Legit

According to the Central Bank of Nigeria, a SME is a company that employs from 11 to 100 people and has assets between ₦5 and ₦500 million. There are a lot of SMEs in Nigeria, so if we were to list them all, you would have to take a few days off just to go through such a list.

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